Matson Integrated Logistics Joins EPA SmartWay Transport Partnership

CONCORD, CA - Matson Integrated Logistics (MIL) has joined the SmartWay Transport Partnership, a voluntary collaboration between the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the freight industry designed to increase energy efficiency while significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution. MIL has also earned the EPA's highest score for fuel efficiency and environmental performance.

Though MIL is a non-asset logistics provider, the company qualified for the program because it moves 70 percent of its freight volume with SmartWay rail and truck carriers. In addition, the majority of that volume was moved by intermodal rail, with all of the rail carriers utilized being SmartWay partners.

"Matson Integrated Logistics is fully committed to promoting greater energy efficiency and air quality in the transportation industry," said Robert Papworth, president, MIL. "Looking forward, MIL has committed to recruiting five carriers into the SmartWay program each year and increasing our volume with existing SmartWay carriers at least five percent annually. Our sales force will also promote the objectives of the SmartWay program to customers and carriers who are not yet partners, so that they have a better understanding of ways they can improve their business operations and make a difference for the public good."

SmartWay evaluates each of its partners with a score based on a number of criteria. MIL received a score of 1.25, which represents outstanding environmental performance. Partners with high scores are already utilizing most of the commercially available fuel saving strategies and actively evaluating the latest emerging technologies. Partners with scores of 1.25 are awarded the honor of displaying the SmartWay Transport Partner logo, the EPA's symbol of superior fuel efficiency and environmental performance.

Launched in February 2004, the SmartWay Transport Partnership aims to achieve fuel savings of up to 150 million barrels of fuel per year. The Partnership brings together major freight shippers, trucking companies, railroads, logistics companies and others to pursue mutually beneficial efficiencies that result in emissions reductions and other environmental improvements, as well as cost savings to the company. The Partnership currently has over 450 partners.

MIL is a leading provider of multimodal transportation services to the North American market. MIL capabilities include domestic and international rail intermodal service, long haul and regional highway brokerage, expedited/air freight services and LTL transportation services, as well as third-party logistics services that include warehousing, distribution, and freight forwarding through the subsidiary, Matson Global Distribution Services (Matson Global). MIL serves a broad range of customers and industries with customized transportation solutions and award-winning service. MIL is a subsidiary of Matson Navigation Company, Inc. (Matson). Matson is a wholly owned subsidiary of Alexander & Baldwin, Inc. of Honolulu (NASDAQ: ALEX).

Jeff Hull, public relations
(510) 628-4534